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Welcome to my world of vintage comedy. For years (since I was just 13 years old back in 1977) I have been an avid collector and fan of vintage comedy. I have amassed a huge collection of old time radio recordings on cassette over the years.

Storage of this collection is now difficult as is finding and listening to individual shows. So I have decided to make life easy for myself and create a website that contains my private collection, which I can listen to wherever in the world I happen to be, for the pure pleasure of experiencing vintage comedy recordings including details of the shows, cast lists and where possible broadcast dates. These will all be listed on this website for anyone to listen to free of charge,

I believe that it is so important that anyone can experience the joy that I have found over the years and have vintage comedy at their fingertips 24/7 365 days a year (subject to the odd website maintenance here and there). I am also passionate that this material should live forever and never be forgotten, as most of the people you will see and hear on this site are sadly no longer with us.

I will try and include as many vintage old time radio shows and stars and investigate the wonderful world of Variety, Music Hall and Vaudeville.

I will not ask for any donations or membership fees everything is free to listen to whenever you want..

There will be some "merchandising opportunities" in the form of third party affiliate links to related books/CDs/DVDs etc and any purchases made from the links will help to cover some of the costs of the site. 

If you enjoy the site please tell your friends and l will be adding more shows all the time as I work my way through the collection converting my cassettes to digital recordings.It's early days in the project, so please keep checking back.

Thanks for reading and please stay as long as you like

Best Wishes
Nick France


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