Would the Last Businessman to Leave the Country, Please Turn Out the Lights


In this series, Leslie Phillips played 'a self-employed businessman struggling in the bureaucratic bonds of red tape - VAT, Income Tax, Sex Discrimination Act, Industrial Tribunals, all the apparatus of the modern British State'. There were two series, and although only 7 editions have been retained in the BBC archive, a further edition is known to exist in private hands and will be offered in due course. Alongside Leslie Phillips were Hugh Paddick, Neil Brennan, Kenneth Connor, and Sue Holderness (series 1), Jonathan Adams, John Graham, John Baddeley, Lolly Cockerell, and Jon Glover. Both series were written by Andrew Palmer and produced by Edward Taylor, and were first broadcast on Radio 2 of a Sunday evening at 10.00pm.

:: Series 1

Tx. date Rec. date Tape No. Title
12.2.78 8.1.78 T54676 Clocking On
19.2.78 8.7.78 T54677 To Russia With Love
26.2.78 15.1.78 T54678 See You Later Decorator
4.3.78   T54679 It'll Only get Worse if you Picket
11.3.78     The Man of Property
18.3.78 29.1.79 T54680 French Dressing


:: Series 2

Tx. date Rec. date Tape No. Title
22.4.79   Privately Held Fringe Benefits
29.4.79 26.11.78 T54681 The Trouble With Evelyn
6.5.79     The Fountain of Youth
13.5.79 26.11.78 T54682 Wedding Bells
20.5.79     Flashman's Revenge
27.5.79     Surpise Package